Happy Tails

.:Mr. George Pickles:.

Mr. George Pickles came into our lives when our hearts were trying to heal from the loss of our beloved westie. George is an absolute love, funny, energetic and full of life-just the right medicine needed to help us heal.  From the moment we  picked him up, it was love at first sight on both of our parts!  My husband & I were so overwhelmed when we finally met George, the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing.  Everyone with Friends with Four Paws has been so wonderful throughout the whole process.  We were very apprehensive when adopting sight unseen but you were so willing to answer my many questions and have remained a source of information and advice – thank you!  George has found his forever home with us and it is truly a match that was meant to be.  Thank you for everything!

- Lydia, Rich & Mr. George Pickles










Here’s Pauline! She was adopted by a volunteer at the 2012 Super Adoption Event.  She caught everyone’s attention, including the popular music artist, Rob Thomas.  Pauline is doing great in her new home in New York.  A wonderful and happy ending for Pauline :)


.: Pablo & Abbey :.

Pablo/Diego and Cleo/Abbey are doing wonderful with us and have become best friends!  They snuggle, play and sleep in the same bed when there are two available.  They are usually in mine or someone’s lap.

- Julie, Oklahoma City

.: Emma :.

Emma is beautiful and quite spunky. She keeps us on our toes. Thank you for bringing us together, and thank you for the good work that you do in rescuing so many animals.

- The Savin Family, New York

.: Sophie :.

We love, love, LOVE Sophie!! Thank you so much for making her early life so loving. She is a silly, feisty, adorable puppy that has changed our lives. We no longer watch TV or read – we watch Sophie. I have never heard my daughter, Kiera, laugh with such joy. Little children, adults, small & big dogs love her. She isn’t afraid of anything. NYC is a long way from Oklahoma, but she is a city dog who barks with a twang. She has a mid-western heart. One last note – Jolene Weiss is the BEST person we could even ask for. She held our hand throughout the process and gave us great tips to help our 8lb. puppy understand she isn’t the alpha dog. Jolene has become a friend. She is a delight – funny and so adoring of each doggie she places. Sorry to gush, but there is no other way to express our gratitude!

- Julieanne & Kiera, New York

.: Rex :.

What a great day, our baby Rex will be one year old on 2-11-11. We love him so much. He is a great dog. Both Rex and his brother Cody make me and Ann feel so great. We love them so much. Trying to talk Ann in to getting one more.

All our love,
- Stan & Ann, Pennsylvania

.: Ginger :.

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Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to thank you all for the best present I got this year!  My only complaint is that little Ginger is so rarely still that I don’t have many good pictures of her! This was taken just after Thanksgiving, shortly before she tried to chew the pompom off the hat!

I have an annual ‘Trim my Tree’ party and she was such a good girl – she visited with everyone, didn’t beg for food, (ok, maybe just a little), and greeted everyone like a proper little lady!  Every one of the attendees has dogs and they all agreed that Ginger was wonderful!

So, happy holidays and know that little Miss GingerSnap can expect lots of presents from Santa this year!

- Susan, New Jersey

.: Baxter :.


Just to give you an update on Baxter.  He has made himself right at home.  His ”brother” Jack is adjusting well to sharing his home. We are very glad we have Baxter here.

- Lauren & Fred, New Jersey

.: Lily :.



Lily has been so wonderful. She loves to play with the kids, but also loves to cuddle. She LOVES to play outside. I feel badly because it is so cold out there so I bundle her up, but once she gets out there she bounces around and prances through the yard.

My daughter picked out this big stuffed duck at Petco for her and I tried to convince her to get something smaller because she is so tiny. Bella insisted and wouldn’t you know it’s Lily’s favorite toy! This morning she was adorable. She waited so patiently for the kids to wake and once they did she greeted them with a wagging tail and tons of kisses.

I have to tell you that many rescues will not adopt puppies or small breeds to individuals with children. I understand their concerns, but I can’t imagine Lily without children around. She is soo super excited to play with them. She and my son already have a little game that they play together. He gets on his knees and puts his face down on the floor and Lily gets super excited and runs around him and tries to lick his face. He then sits up and she prances all around and he laughs. Then he lays down on his stomach and she stands back by his feet and licks them. Bella is very gentle so she would rather sit next to Lily and pet her, though she did try to teach her fetch.

Honestly, if you need a volunteer at any point for anything let me know. If I can make it, I will be there! Or if you need anything at all I will do my best to help in any way that I can. You have given us such a wonderful gift and a new member of our family that will make a difference in all of our lives!

- Alleen, New Jersey

.: Daphne :.



We are so very happy with little Daphne and she seems to be happy with us.  We adopted Daphne so Chicky would have a younger buddy to pal around with and that has worked out very well.  Daphne is at home everywhere she is and very outgoing.  She hasn’t met a dog or person she doesn’t like and enjoys patrolling squirrels in the backyard. Attached is a picture of Daphne (far right) with her sisters from left to right, Shawnee (14), Bella (10), and Chicky (4).  Thank you Leah, Jolene, and Friends with Four Paws for your tireless effort in bringing Daphne and her new family together!

- Kristi, Pennsylvania

.: Mishka :.


It was love at first sight when I first saw a picture of Mishka (formerly known as The Professor). And after speaking to his foster Mom I knew that this was the pup I had been searching for. The love affair only continued when I picked him up from the airport and brought him home on August 19. His eyes melted me. Since that time Mishka has become an integral part of my daily life with the biggest challenges for me being 1) patience, 2) being a firm but loving “pack” leader, and 3) walks in the morning. I am NOT a morning person! But he’s made me a better person that way, and through him I’ve made a few more friends along the way – all wonderful things! And I think it’s only going to get better so I can truly say that Mishka has been a real blessing in my life, and if he could talk I hope he could say the same about me!

- Dee, New Jersey

.: Boscoe :.


My husband and I searched for months, not only for the right dog, but the right organization as well. I contacted Friends with Four Paws, and inquired about a pup. Leah called me within a half hour, and I was impressed! She immediately made my feel comfortable, and wanted to find the right dog for us. I have always wanted a miniature pincher, and she had just received a brother and sister. Leah took time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions and walk me through the process. I knew right then that Bosco (then Harper) would be the perfect addition to our family.  We were nervous about adopting a dog we had never met, but Jolene (a volunteer from Friends with Four Paws) explained everything to us, and knew the experience well since she went though it with her dog Gus! The whole process, from start to finish, was a smooth one. On September 3rd, we brought Bosco home. We have had him for two and a half months now, and we couldn’t be happier. This has left such a lasting impression on me that now I am a volunteer at Friends with Four Paws!!

- Liz, New Jersey

.: Casey :.


Casey (Maryann) is growing nicely and enjoying her forever home.  She plays with her sister Lily and is active and happy.

- Evelyn, New Jersey

.: Harry :.


HI, well it’s been just over a week that Harry has been with me, and it’s been the best week ever.  He is the happiest boy!  It’s impossible to wake up without a smile because there is this super-happy, tail-wagging doggie that is just so pleased that it’s a new day and just wants to give kisses.  It is the BEST way to wake up.

I had so many questions and concerns at the start of this process, but everyone at FWFP was so helpful and friendly, and as soon as I saw Harry in his carrier being pushed into the airport where I was anxiously waiting for him, I just KNEW it would all work out.

I am so happy that we found our way into each others lives, he instantly became part of the family.  I really cant believe what a good fit we are.  He is always happy to be home, but loves his walks too.  he hangs out right next to me when I’m doing school work, but he’ll jump right up to play fetch.  His favorite toys right now are the squeaky stuffed dog and the rope toy.  And of course when its bed time he gets a prime location right on the bed where he just knocks out and sleeps like a log.  He is just too cute!  The cat was so curious and would sneak up on Harry when he was sleeping, just to smell him.  Now that they’ve checked each other out a little, they are becomming more familiar and comfortable.  Harry would fit in anywhere though.

We stood at our front door and gave out candy to all the trick ‘er treaters, and he was as friendly as could be.  He was such a good sport and even dressed up as a wizard.  He’s a little suspicious of other dogs right now, but we are working on that, I’m sure he just needs time to feel comfortable and secure in his new environment.

Everyone just loves him to pieces, my parents are already spoiling him with treats and toys and outfits, and are very proud doggie-grandparents.   I’m trying to take a lot of pictures, the best ones are on my cell phone but I dont know how to get those on the computer.  Anyway, here are a few, I’ll be sending more.

I hope you all are wonderful!  And THANK YOU, again, for all you’ve done for Harry and me, in caring for him, and in bringing us together.  It is a tremendous things that you do!

- Laura, New York

.: Dawson :.


We had such a wonderful experience with FWFP!! We are so thankful to have been given Dawson. He has brought so much happiness into our lives. He is truly a bundle of joy!

He is doing great and getting so big. He absolutely loves other dogs, children, and pretty much any person on the street! He also loves to snuggle! Here are some adorable pictures of him from the beginning to this past weekend. Thank you again so much!!

- Emily & Anthony, New York

.: Jaxson :.


.: Breaker :.


The summer of 2010 was supposed to be the best of my life. I had just graduated from college and was moving to New York to start my new job. I wanted to get a dog right away but I knew the job I had accepted had long hours and I knew it wouldn’t be fair to bring a new dog into a life where I wouldn’t be around too often. Unfortunately, the summer turned out to be incredibly difficult as I found out the job I had accepted was a pyramid scheme and I was forced to quit after only three days. I was now stuck in New York, very far away from my family and friends, without a job. One week after I quit my job my best friend from college unexpectedly passed away and I found myself completely devastated. I was looking for comfort and I knew that this was the perfect time for me to look at adopting a dog. I was so happy to find Friends with Four Paws on Petfinder.com. As soon as I saw Ronin (who is now named Breaker), I fell in love. His big dark brown eyes and sweet face drew me in and I knew we would be a great match. After speaking with Leah and seeing a video she sent me of Breaker, I couldn’t wait to meet him. I took a job at a dog daycare in New York and Breaker was able to come with me to work every day and play with so many dogs. We have been together for almost four months now and I have loved every minute with Breaker. He brought me out of my sadness with his spunky and loving personality and I don’t know where I would be without him here to make me laugh. Thank you Leah and Friends with Four Paws for everything you have given me. I am truly grateful.

- Lindsey, New York

.: Gus :.


My fiancé, Andrew, and I lost our dog, Jake, to cancer in May 2010. Although he was 15 1/2 years old, I certainly wasn’t ready to lose him. His death affected me deeply. Worse yet, his death affected his “little brother,” Leo, more than we could have imagined. We decided not to wait and to get another dog right away. Since Andrew had never had the whole “puppy experience,” I decided he should pick our next dog.

We saw Gus on petfinder and decided to submit an application for him. We had submitted MANY applications for many dogs, but Gus stood out in the crowd. The next day, Leah from Friends with Four Paws, called to tell us we were approved to adopt Gus. I guess we hadn’t read the entire petfinder    description, because we were shocked to learn that Gus was located in Oklahoma and we’re in New Jersey! At first we hesitated at the idea of    getting a puppy sight unseen, but Leah put our minds at ease.

The whole process was such a positive experience and Gus is such a joy! Best of all, within 2 days, Gus and Leo were fast friends! We were so happy with Friends with Four Paws that I now volunteer to do some of the administrative functions for the rescue. Andrew and I will be forever grateful to FWFP for   bringing Gus into our family! We still miss Jake terribly, but Gus gives us a new reason to smile.

- Jolene, New Jersey

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